About | SaltandSkillet.comHey! I’m Amy, a wife and cat mom with a passion for healthy, simple cooking. I’m a dietitian-in-training, a Disney fanatic, and a Netflix binge-watcher.

I created Salt and Skillet to have a go-to resource for nutrition information, cooking tips, and healthy recipes that weren’t only delicious, but were easy to make (and understand)!

Here’s what you’ll find at Salt and Skillet:

Nutrition in a Nutshell

A comprehensive but easy-to-understand overview of the nutrients, including carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and some extras like antioxidants and electrolytes! Some of these can get pretty sciencey (which is totally a word), but there is so much GOOD information here!

In the Kitchen

A collection of posts covering kitchen organization and shopping tips. Here you’ll get a peek into my own kitchen and learn tips on how to make your kitchen your sanctuary! Forget rummaging through drawers for utensils or finding old, moldy food in the back of your fridge! We’ll get that place organized yet!

Cooking Basics

I’d like Salt and Skillet to be a place where every home cook feels welcome, whether you’ve been cooking for 50 years or 5 minutes! I’ll be going over the basics of cooking methods, knife skills, spices, you name it!

Focus on Food

Each week, I’ll take one food or ingredient and get to know it real well. I’ll break it down nutritionally, give a little history, talk about how to buy the best version and different methods of cooking it. From apple to zucchini, I’m hoping to cover as many different foods as I can!

With all of these topics in one place, you’ll be able to see the relationship between nutrition, food, shopping, and cooking. It’ll be simplified but thorough, so you can follow along and learn great skills and be the master of your own kitchen. We don’t need to be extremely fancy here, but I hope you’ll be excited at the thought of trying a new food or technique. I’ve personally been opening myself up to new ideas and have found a ton of new things that are now staples in my kitchen! One piece at a time, I’m personalizing my cooking style and favorites, and making my kitchen my favorite room in the house – and you can, too!

Here’s the thing: When I started to learn to cook, I was overwhelmed. Popular chefs and their cookbooks told me I needed every piece of equipment under the sun, that I had to buy a very specific sort of tomato that you can only find on the back of a burro in a small town in Mexico at 2:40pm, or whatever. I stuck with frozen and boxed foods for a long time. I learned little by little, but didn’t have any organized information. I’m hoping that, whether you’re brand new to the kitchen or just looking for information on food, you find my website easy to follow, interesting, and informative!


If you ever have any questions or just want to say hi, get in touch with me! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!



  Email: AmyOlivieri@SaltandSkillet.com

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