What is Salt and Skillet?

Salt and Skillet is a health and wellness blog that takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed with dieting, cooking, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide education, motivation, and encouragement to people who want to improve their health, lose weight, and shop smarter. Our goal is to banish the diet mentality that plagues society and encourage a simpler solution that will make YOU happier!

Are you:

  • trying to lose weight, but overwhelmed with all of the dieting information out there?
  • new to cooking and not sure where to start?
  • an aimless grocery shopper who hates all the options and wonders what "low fat" really means?
  • ready to make simple changes for a drastically healthier you?
  • interested in learning nutrition...even a little bit?

You’re in the right place. Salt and Skillet will teach you to love food again, from shopping to eating and everything in between. 

Here’s how I can help you:

carrot bunch

Nutrition in a Nutshell

A closer look at protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals and more! What do these things do you for your body, anyway?

How to Calculate Your Calorie Needs | SaltandSkillet.com

Diet Planning

Personalize your plan of attack when it comes to making a meal plan. Do you know how many calories you need, and how many you're really eating?

Label your containers to make pantry organization cute and easy! | SaltandSkillet.com

Kitchen Organization

Is your pantry as crazy as mine was? I'll help you take back control of your kitchen with these organization tips!

Shop seasonally to get the best prices on fresh produce. | SaltandSkillet.com

Shopping Tips

Become a smarter shopper and a master of your grocery store! Shop in season, understand labels, and make a list you won't be tempted to stray from!

Focus on Food

I'll take a closer look at a food or ingredient and really break it down - what's inside, how to cook it, how it's grown...From Apple to Zucchini, I'm hoping to cover lots of different kinds of food!

Slicing a red onion. | How to Cut an Onion | SaltandSkillet.com

Cooking Basics

Whether you've been cooking for five minutes or fifty years, sometimes we just need to get back to basics. Learn cooking methods, what tools you'll need, and how to properly use a knife.

With all of these topics in one place, you’ll be able to see the relationship between nutrition, food, shopping, and cooking. It’ll be simplified but thorough, so you can follow along and learn great skills and be the master of your own kitchen. We don’t need to be extremely fancy here, but I hope you’ll be excited at the thought of trying a new food or technique. I’ve personally been opening myself up to new ideas and have found a ton of new things that are now staples in my kitchen! One piece at a time, I’m personalizing my cooking style and favorites, and making my kitchen my favorite room in the house – and you can, too!

About Amy

About | SaltandSkillet.com

Hey! I'm Amy, the creator of Salt and Skillet. I'm a wife and a cat mom. I love binge-watching Netflix, playing videogames, and am a total Disneyphile. Oh, there's my husband, Shane! (This photo was taken in Disney World. Bonus points if you know where!)

I started Salt and Skillet to help others understand nutrition, cooking, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned a lot, having gone through a Dietetic Technology program, and want to share all the good information I’ve gathered through the years with you.

Here’s the thing: When I started to learn to cook, I was overwhelmed. Popular chefs and their cookbooks told me I needed every piece of equipment under the sun, that I had to buy a very specific sort of tomato that you can only find on the back of a burro in a small town in Mexico at 2:40pm, or whatever. I stuck with frozen and boxed foods for a long time. I learned little by little, but didn’t have any organized information.

And, I haven’t always eaten that well. I didn’t know anything about the right way to diet. I’ve tried all kinds of diets, and I always bounced back to old habits. Turns out, dieting as society is trying to sell us is screwed up and wrong and only sabotaging us further!

Check out my story on how I started toward a healthy lifestyle!

I’m hoping that I can help bridge the gap between shopping for food, cooking food, choosing the right foods, and eating it in a healthy way – and that includes having a healthy relationship with food! 

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