What’s Coming Up Next for Salt and Skillet

What’s Coming Up Next for Salt and Skillet

Hi there!

I wanted to touch base and let you know what’s coming up next for Salt and Skillet. If you’re a subscriber to my mailing list, you already know the kinds of posts that will be coming up. But, for those of you who aren’t subscribers (yet!), here are some great things to look forward to:

Kitchen Organization - www.saltandskillet.com

Your kitchen can be a sanctuary or a headache, depending on how you approach it! If everything has a place and you know what you’ve got and where it is, cooking is easy. There’s no rummaging through drawers or fearing that tupperware will come tumbling down on you if you open that cabinet (you know the one). On the other hand, maybe sometimes you skip cooking because it’s just too much of a pain to find everything, and there’s no room on your counters to prep veggies anyway!

If you have an organized kitchen, tailored to your needs and your equipment, you’ll love spending time in it. I’ve already posted one article on how to organize your kitchen, and there are more to come in this series! I’ll be covering your fridge and pantry at least…I hope you guys can utilize some of my tips and find them helpful! Not to mention, you get to peek into every nook and cranny in my kitchen – no secrets here!

Cooking Tips - www.saltandskillet.com

I’d like Salt and Skillet to be a great resource for those who are just learning to cook or who want to get back to basics.  From cooking methods to knife skills to spices, I’ll be covering the techniques and tips you’ll need to become a great home chef without getting overwhelmed. One step at a time, we’ll go from being completely clueless to spitting jargon like it’s our jobs. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Focus on Food - www.saltandskillet.com

Every week I’ll be choosing one food or ingredient and breaking it down nutritionally. But it won’t just be a list of which nutrients and calories – we’ll cover the physical composition, how to purchase the best ones at the store, and how to store it once it’s home. This will be a great series that will give each food the attention it deserves, and maybe help you explore some new foods you otherwise wouldn’t try. Are you always grossed out by the white stringy big in an egg? Hate the fact that an apple browns minutes after it’s cut? We’ll talk about these things and much more in Focus on Food. (Psst, both of those things mentioned are totally fine and not gross!)

Recipes - www.saltandskillet.com

What would a food blog be without recipes!? Of course I’ll be bringing recipes from my own kitchen into yours. If I find some outside recipes that are just absolutely perfect as they are, I’ll be linking to those, too! You can count on recipes linked to the Focus on Food series, so that you not only know what the deal is with those ingredients, but how to incorporate them into healthy cooking, too!

Hopefully you’re as excited as I am to see what’s coming up next here at Salt and Skillet. You can count on regular updates in these categories, with a menu up top to find all of the posts in a given series.

If you didn’t already, and just as a reminder, if you sign up for my newsletter you get upcoming information first. Plus, I’ll do recaps at the end of the week if you prefer to get all your information all at once! I plan on throwing in some surprises in there, too, and I promise not to clog up your inbox with garbage. I hate spammy e-mails just as much as you do!

Thanks so much for your support of Salt and Skillet – I can’t wait to see it grow and share all of this information with you guys!


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