How to Organize Your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen

There are a million tips and tricks on how to organize your kitchen around the internet and in magazines. There are a ton of ways to store things, whether you’re stacking your pans, hanging them from hooks, or utilizing some kind of rack – and that’s just pans! I’m going to give you a look into my kitchen to show you how I organize it and explain why I do it that way. My kitchen isn’t static, either. I move things around if I find that something isn’t working, or if I don’t like the way something looks. That’s the beauty of your kitchen – it’s yours! Do it how you want to do it, and if you don’t like it, change it!

Now, when I’m talking about how to organize your kitchen, I’m referring to cupboards, drawers, and countertops. I’ll be focusing on your tools and equipment for now, but I’ll be covering your pantry and fridge soon!

By the way, if you haven’t already, I recommend checking out my list of essential kitchen tools and equipment. It’s just about everything you’ll need to get started cooking. There are, of course, many other things that I have (or wish that I had!), but those things listed are great for getting started or if you’re looking to simplify!

How to Organize Your Kitchen

This post contains affiliate links, and I will earn a small commission if you purchase something linked. Don’t worry, it comes at no extra cost to you! These are items I LOVE and recommend, for real!

Let me just start by saying I have a tiny kitchen. My husband and I (and our cat Momo) live in a one-bedroom apartment with a galley kitchen. That means one entrance, counters on either side, and it’s a tiiiight squeeze! There isn’t a window, and there’s only a ceiling light and the light above the stove. If the dishwasher is open and you need to get into the fridge, you’ll be doing a balancing act. I have two small counters to work with, and they’re usually mostly taken up by food or utensils.

And I absolutely love it.

How to Organize Your Kitchen - A small galley kitchen in an apartment.

It’s not perfect, but it has everything I need. I make do with what it offers and am thankful for the big cupboards. Sure, I dream of an island with a big bamboo cutting board, a sink with a window above it, and a breakfast bar where I can go from cooking to serving in a snap….but, those things will (maybe?) come with time. For now, I make the best out of my kitchen, and everything works out just fine.

I’m going to list some key points before getting into detail, for those of you who like lists! You’ll see the parallels between my key points and how I put them into action in my own kitchen. Make yours work for you!

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Learn more tips and see examples at!

The Sink

Let’s take the tour! On the left side, I have my stove, my prep counter, and my sink. To liven and brighten things up, I like to have some flowers and a collection of happy things by the sink. It helps make dishes less horrible. To keep it tidy, I use an OXO Dish Brush for doing dishes. The brush is gentle but strong, and stands upright in its own dish to collect any drips. It has a little button that dispenses soap when I need it, so it’s not continually dispensing (ahem, WASTING!) soap. I love it!!! For more stubborn dishes, I have a brillo sponge being held by my adorable Boston Warehouse fox to keep those drippings off my counter, too. (The fox seems to be sold out right now, but there are other cute animals!)

How to Organize Your Kitchen - The sink area!

Dishes and Glassware

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Dishes and Bowls


Above the sink, I keep my dishes! I use a wire rack to separate the different sizes so they are easy to grab. The top shelf has a serving bowl and some random other bowls (from before we got the beautiful dishes from our wedding registry! Thanks, grandma!) Uh, there’s also a box of straws in there. I didn’t do that.


How to Organize Your Kitchen - Cups and Mugs, Glassware

As you can clearly see, we have far too much drinkware. Why do we have so many glasses!? There are only two of us, and yet… Still, I love them all and won’t get rid of anything. (Sorry, honey…) Well, the ones on the lower shelf are the ones we use most often. I’m short, so the lower, the better. We usually have a Brita water dispenser next to the sink, but I moved in for pretty photo purposes. This way, I can reach up and grab a cup, reach down and grab some water, and I’m good to go! We keep the mugs we use most often in front, and some travel mugs and other things in back. It’s summer, so we haven’t been using them very much. I have even more mugs above the fridge. I have a plan to display some at my coffee and tea station, but that’s not yet complete, as you’ll see when I post about my pantry!

The Stove

If you check out that big picture up there again, you’ll see my knives and cooking utensils there, too, next to the stove. This counter is usually where I do all of my cutting, so the knives are easily accessible. The spatulas, spoons, and tongs are on the right of my stove. I’m right handed, so when I need to stir or flip, I just grab and go! I have other tools elsewhere, but the ones in this organizer are ones I use most often.

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Pots and pans lids and mixing bowls above the stove.

Above the stove is the cupboard where I keep a couple cook books, like Alton Brown: EveryDayCookHe has some great, easy recipes in there, and several that are more complicated. I also store my mixing bowls in here. Most importantly, though, the lids to my pots and pans are above the stove! But Amy, you ask, where are your pots and pans!? Well, I don’t like to store them together because I can’t find a way to easily access the lids! Instead, I dedicated half of this cupboard to them so that I could grab them quickly and easily. I use this Ikea Lid Organizer. I like it because it’s expandable – it squishes down to almost nothing if you’re not using it, or the whole thing or each section can be expanded to fit wider or narrower lids. And this thing would work for more than just lids, you could use it for muffin tins and cookie sheets!

Cleaning Supplies

I don’t have photos for these, but I store my baking pans and dishes in the drawer beneath my oven. I also have some splatter screens there! Beneath the sink is exactly what you’d expect – cleaning supplies! I keep a small trash can, extra trash bags, extra sponges, and glass and counter cleaners.

I like to use a small trash can in the kitchen because with all of the parts of my food I cut away, I don’t want that sitting in a big garbage and sitting until that bag is full. The waste from my fruits, vegetables, and meats go in the small bag and are taken out at the end of the night. No stinky, rotting food here!

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Countertops

The other side of the kitchen is more interesting. There’s more potential for organization over here. (In fact, it’s my current work in progress, so forgive me for prematurely posting my disaster of a spice cabinet.)

The Counters

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Use shelves to keep counters clear

You can see how, when I’m pretty well stocked with food, there’s not a lot of counter space! Admittedly, we have way too many apples right now. But, still. I like to keep fresh fruit and veggies out on the counter (if they don’t need to be in the fridge) so I know I have them. If I put that mango in a basket somewhere, I would totally forget about it and wonder what the weird smell was a week later. I use a small shelf to keep other things I like to have out all the time, like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper. The shelf is tiny, but it keeps these things off the counter!

We have the toaster oven sitting pretty on top of the microwave because they fit pretty perfectly, and, obviously, there’s just no more room. As long as it’s stable and heat safe, stacking life thing is a great space saver!

The Appliances, Food Storage, and Spices

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Small appliances, spices, and storage

In the cabinets above this counter, I keep small appliances, storage, and spices. I really wish I had a better plan for the spices, but for now, I’m using little baskets I got from the dollar store. They’re long and skinny, and the little spice bottles fit great! I can grab the baskets instead of rummaging through and knocking everything over. It works for now, but I see that vertical empty space and think…I can do better.

I think a lot of people have a problem with tupperware containers…and we did, too. When we moved into this apartment, we chucked over half the storage containers we had. We just didn’t use them. My best advice is to only keep what you regularly use, and throw the others out. A small, manageable collection will be much easier to deal with. Plus, once they’re washed, stack them with the others that are the same size! Don’t just throw them in there! That’s when you get tupperware avalanche.


How to Organize Your Kitchen - Small appliances, spices, and storage

For storing food without tupperware, plastic wrap is my best friend. I hate the tiny rolls with the blade on the edge of the box, I can’t juggle holding the thing and ripping it without letting it stick to itself. So, I went to my big warehouse store and bought the biggest roll they had, complete with a sliding cutter. Woohoo!! It looks funny, taking up that whole shelf, but I wouldn’t move it (except maybe to swap with the spices. My reasoning? If I need to cover something, I place the dish on the counter, snag my plastic wrap, cut it, and then it doesn’t have to travel far! I just guide it to the top of my dish. Putting it above and near where you’ll be storing reduces the risk of sticky-clingy-ball-of-useless-wrap. Less waste!

I keep my small appliances up higher because they don’t get used every day. I would love to line them up and have them displayed on the counter and ready to go at a moment’s notice, but obviously that’s not an option for me. So, the rice cooker (big white blob above the plastic wrap), the Ninja blender, the mini crock pot (so cute!), the hand mixer, the juicer, the quesadilla maker, and the (Mickey!) waffle maker are all up high. It’s not inconvenient to get them, either! Instead of having them at the ready, they’re 30 seconds away from being ready. Love it.

By the way, my Ninja blender has suction cups on the feet. To prevent it from sticking to the cupboard and being impossible to get down without ripping the shelf out (okay, that’s an exaggeration), I just placed it on a square of paper towel. This way, I can slide it easily!

(We’re almost done here. Just one more cupboard and some drawers. Stay with me!)

The Drawers

Dish Towels, Oven Mitts, Trivets, Storage

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Drawers

I’ve got four vertical drawers next to my  fridge. Here’s where I keep dish towels, oven mitts and trivets, aluminum foil and plastic bags, and a nightmare of a serving set. It’s an awesome set, but there are so many pieces!! I don’t use it very often, so it stays down low.

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Dish towelsHow to Organize Your Kitchen - Trivets and Oven MittsHow to Organize Your Kitchen - Aluminum foil and plastic bags



Silverware and Other Utensils

The two other top drawers are my silverware and utensils. I use a set of drawer organizers in both of them, but it might be kind of hard to tell with the right drawer. For silverware, these organizers are a must-have. They keep the little spoons separate from the big spoons! We have our little spoons out front and the big spoons tucked in back, because we just don’t really use them. Some special spoons are behind that, even, but the drawer doesn’t pull out that far for the photo…Special spoons are, like, ones with really long handles for stirring a tall glass of iced tea, or really tiny adorable ones for spooning the tiniest amount of guacamole on your bite of enchilada. We keep our chopsticks and meat thermometer here, too, because those get used often and fit in the slot!

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Silverware How to Organize Your Kitchen - Utensils and other tools

The drawer on the right looks crazy, but it’s not. It’s actually a very organized system, but not everything fits in those slots so they sit on top. That’s okay! I have serving utensils like salad tongs and spatulas on the right (two slots). My beloved garlic press, vegetable peeler, and squash seed-remover next. My wonderful can opener almost gets a whole slot to itself. And, finally, some measuring tools, pastry brushes, and some extra paring knives. Sitting on top are a cheese grater, a mandolin slicer, and tucked in there in my zester which happened to fall nicely for the picture.

I know where everything is and (almost) never have to rummage for something, thanks to these organizers. Who has time for that!? (My junk drawer in my office, however…that’s a different story.)

How to Organize Your Kitchen - Pots and pans, crockpot

Pots and Pans

Here’s another semi-work-in-progress. My cookware. I keep these things on the bottom because they’re heavier and would be a nightmare if I dropped them. Plus, the cupboards are huge! Look at all that space!

As you can see, I don’t do anything special with my pots and pans. I stack them, because they fit together nicely and it saves space. A square of paper towel protects them from scratching each other. It’s not pretty, but it works and it’s cheap!

My big crockpot sits down here, too, and there’s a fondue pot behind that. The crockpot gets pulled out often, so it sits in the front. The fondue pot comes out for special occasions, so it sits in the back (with paper towels protecting the pot from the forks!)

Some other great pots that don’t stack as well sit up higher, along with my glass bowl (not pictured, it was in the dishwasher!) and my rice rinsing bowl. You can see those god-awful green strainers sitting gently on top. And, randomly, another serving set that’s just awkwardly shaped and doesn’t fit anywhere else.

That’s it!!

That’s my whole kitchen! For being so small, I sure had a lot to say. If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with me and checking out how and why I organize my kitchen the way that I do! Just to reiterate, things I use most often stay in the front, in areas I can easily reach. Things used less often are higher up or behind other things. I group my items based on their use, like trivets with oven mitts. I put things on the counter that make sense but don’t create a lot of clutter, like my knife block where I usually cut my food, and my spoons and spatulas right next to the stove. Pots and pans are near the stove (they’re on the opposite side, though it’s probably hard to tell), and lids are up above the stove. They aren’t near each other, necessarily, but they’re near the stove! If possible, keep a lot of small items like spices and oils off the counters and on a shelf, so it’s easier to wipe the counters clean without having to move everything!

Maybe you’re already implementing some (or all!) of these ideas in your kitchen. That’s awesome! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! Maybe I even gave you an idea of how you could change something to make it a little easier, or maybe you found a tool that I have that you’d really love. I’d love to hear about your ideas or how you store things and organize your kitchen! Feel free to comment below or let me know on facebook!

I’ll be coming to you guys soon with a look at my pantry and my fridge, and how to keep those things organized, too!

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  1. Omg, kitchen goals right here! (Thought I was the only one that's organized!) I have to share this with my mom...her kitchen is terrible! And it's a good size too so she has no excuses lol. By the way, you might like to know, I also hate wasting washing up liquid, so I put mine in a soap dispenser :D
  2. I am TOTALLY vibing with the amount of glasses you have LOL. I love coffee mugs so even though I have a cabinet full of them...somehow...I keep making more space for all the cool ones I find (like I found a cute kitten mug...hello, who doesn't want that in their collection). As for brands, yes! I love OXO containers + just all of their kitchenware!! The kitchen organization task, for me, is a constant battle... but one thing I added which makes me happy is this magnetic strip on the wall where I can hang my knives! xoxo Krista <3
    1. My downfall is Disney mugs! I want. Dry single one I see! Match that with a recent wedding and there's just mugs upon mugs upon mugs hahaha! I have seen those magnetic strips and they look so cool!

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