Welcome to Salt and Skillet!

Welcome to Salt and Skillet!

Hi, there!

My name is Amy, the creator of Salt and Skillet, a nutrition blog! I’m a foodie and a dietitian-in-training who wants to put all of my cooking, nutrition, and food knowledge into one place. I’m a believer in simplicity – whole foods, easy recipes, and an organized kitchen!

See, I’ve done my share of searching for recipes, food, and how to prepare certain items. I’ve wondered what to do with, say, an avocado. How to pick a ripe one, how to cut it open, what sorts of recipes to use it in, what nutrition information it has . . . but haven’t been able to find all of that information in one place. I’ll find myself bouncing between multiple websites just to get this info, and that’s just for one ingredient!

Here at Salt and Skillet, I’ll be combining all of these things in one convenient place for a variety of healthy, whole foods. I hope you find it to be useful, whether it’s your first time in a kitchen or you’re a seasoned home chef!

So, welcome! I hope you find Salt and Skillet to be a fun and helpful place for nutrition, cooking, and healthy, easy recipes.


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